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The Anti-Lottery: Save Steady

If I enjoyed giving guilt trips, I might want to talk to the guy who’s spent $10 a week for the past 5 years trying to win the lottery. I’d want him to have kept his box of 2,600 losing … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, Relax…

Relax?  Yes, if you’ve got an “emergency fund”, you have a reasonable shot at a state of non-panic when financial emergencies occur. The first thing to do here is to define “emergency”. Emergencies are situations that interfere with your basic … Continue reading


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Give Your Savings a Name!

A friend of mine was losing sleep the other week, concerned about his financial future.  Not the “it’s what I’m thinking about as I drift off” kind of losing sleep, but more like the “I wake up every two hours … Continue reading

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