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Count on December

Yes, I know what you’re going to say, Christmas is already here, it’s too late to save for it.  OK, I’ll grant you that.  But if I had one Christmas wish for you (and for me), I would wish that … Continue reading

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Give Your Savings a Name!

A friend of mine was losing sleep the other week, concerned about his financial future.  Not the “it’s what I’m thinking about as I drift off” kind of losing sleep, but more like the “I wake up every two hours … Continue reading

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Just Say No

Debt can seem normal and needed (“everyone’s doing it”) until it starts to place demands on your life.  Debt loads us down with financial burdens that keep us from things like financial freedom, generosity, and saving for future needs.  We … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Investment

Last Friday I had the tremendous opportunity to talk about personal finance with a group of recent college graduates for a few hours.  We had a great time (well, I did…hopefully they did as well).  They were engaged and asked … Continue reading

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The Two Sides of Every Tax Refund

Well, at this point, you’ve determined that you either: 1.) Owe something on your taxes, 2.) Are getting a tax refund, or 3.) Are starting to like the idea of an extension (bonus tip: if you’re going to owe money, … Continue reading

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Got a Plan…To Give?

Working with middle schoolers at my church on a trip to the beach years ago (in January, that’s important here), a group of them wanted to spontaneously jump into the ocean – something about a polar bear club. Although I … Continue reading

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Christmas in March. Really.

A walk outside today reminded me that it’s starting to get warm again. Remember when it started to get cold? When that happens, we usually start counting down the weeks and months until Christmas. And along with the Christmas decorations … Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Budget (part 2 of 2)

When we last left our heroes (that’s all of us), we had discussed the first step of a budget – figuring out where it’s all going so that you can get control of your finances and start meeting your financial … Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Budget (Part 1 of 2)

Get the New Year started off right.  Right now. In case you’re still wondering how to put that resolution about getting your money issues straightened out into action, we’re here to help.  Well, I say that like we’re going to … Continue reading

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We give because it was first given to us

We are most likely meeting for the first time as you read this, so I’m not going to jump in and tell you why you’re here (either at this blog or on this earth). But because you are here, it … Continue reading

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